Custom Straight Blade Flag

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Flag Height: 6 Foot
Single or Double Sided: Single
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Custom Dye Sublimated Straight Blade Advertising Flag:

Make heads turn and have people flock to your business or event with the stylish and attractive straight custom advertising flag. This lightweight yet durable advertising flag is customized with your personal logo, ad, or event artwork printed on a unique straight shaped fabric. This unique design allows your marketing and promotional artwork to stand out from other traditional advertising flags, enabling you to attract more attention and gain more promotional advantages.

The unique design of the straight advertising flags make them perfect for almost any promotional events or occasions. Custom straight advertising flags are available with wide folding bases so advertising flags can stand by themselves indoors. They are also available with a strong ground stake, so when placed outside they are able to stand up against adverse weather such as wind and rain. These advertising flags are portable and easy to set up -- it can be done in minutes.

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