Eazy Crease EC Full Field Line Kit

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Sport: Lacrosse[Boys]
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Eazy Crease EC Full Field Line Kit
Never measure your lacrosse field again!
EC Lines full field kits offer boy’s and girl’s lacrosse, football, field hockey, soccer – field size 120 by 65 or any field sport that needs to be marked. Eazy Crease Inc. offers special ordering if your customers need a certain size kit.
EC Lines full field marking kits include all the tools to mark a full field. Each has 2 side lines and 2 end lines that are steel coated pre measured lines and are labeled and 6 stakes. Each kit has step by step directions and each direction is illustrated. EC Lines kits are made in the USA, and are guaranteed for life.
New EC Lines will do three things for your customers; cuts lining time in half, ensures the field is square and the field measurements are correct every time.

Please allow  2-4 days processing time 

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