Eazy Women's Lacrosse Crease, Arc, and Fan

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Women's Crease, Arc, and Fan
Women's College,High School, Middle School,Youth Lacrosse Crease, Arc, and Fan
Welcome to Eazy Crease! Mark Your Sports Field Crease, Circle, or Arc Quicker Than Ever Before!
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With Eazy Crease you are able to mark/paint the men's and women's sports fields circles or arcs in under 60 seconds! Eazy Crease enables coaches to have their practice or playing field ready in minutes. Eazy Crease works for field hocky, lacrosse, soccer, and girls fast pitch softball.
Why Eazy Crease?
First, the safety for the goalie, having a crease for every practice gives the goalie a buffer between the offense and defense players. Second there is nothing worse than turning the ball over because an offense player steps in the crease! The crease is the most important mark on the field! Eazy Crease is compact enough to be stored in the ball bag!

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