ECD Venom Runner Complete JimaLax String Kit

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The revolutionary Venom Mesh Runner is designed to create game changing moments - the kind of moments that become legend. The tapered mesh design creates a high SweetSpot and a softer pocket that hugs the ball giving you a more responsive feel and insane control you have to feel to believe. #FeelTheDifference 

  • Natural SweetSpot
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Responsive Control
  • Weatherproof Performance

** Made in the U.S.A.**

Mix and match colors to create your one of a kind string kit. All materials are cut to length to make stringing quick and east. 

Comes with:
JimaLax Crosslace
2 - JimaLax Leather Runners
2 - JimaLax Nylon Shooters
3 - JimaLax Sidewall String


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