StringKing Mark 2V Strung M Pocket Type3S White

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StringKing Mark2V Strung M Pocket Type3S White

The Mark 2V is built for versatility, delivering a balance of strength, control, and accuracy to the all-around player.

  • -165 grams
  • -Recommended for all positions
  • -Universal spec
  • -6-month warranty


Mark 2V Head

  • -Ground ball vacuum. We engineered the Mark 2V to guide ground balls into your pocket and keep them there. The aggressively angled scoop acts like a funnel, letting you attack the ball from any direction.


  • -Light. Stiff. Strong. Advanced bone-growth optimization software helped us identify low-stress areas where we could remove material without sacrificing strengthgiving you a strong, light, stiff head.


  • -No head rattle. The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2V goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head rattle.


M Pocket

  • -Accuracy. Power. Ball retention. Our signature mid pocket gives you maximum accuracy and power.And the pinched face shape means better ball retention under pressure.


  • -Our most versatile pocket. The M pocket offers superior control and the perfect amount of whip to make you an outside threat without sacrificing inside finishes or quick feeds.


  • -Customizable and adjustable. 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for endless customization, while the adjustable shooters and bottom lace make it easy to fine-tune your pocket.


Type 3 Mesh

  • -More control. Twiste Technology increases elasticity and texture in the yarns. This gives Type 3 the perfect amount of stretch and feel for ultimate control.


  • -More accuracy. Adding twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with a rigid backbone for ultimate consistency.


  • -More speed. Twistex Technology allows us to make Type 3 15% thinner and lighter than Type 2 while maintaining durability and a rigid backbone for your pocket.


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