StringKing Metal 2 162 Goalie Shaft

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StringKing Metal 2 162 Goalie Shaft

Metal 2 shafts are lighter, stronger, and better. Advanced manufacturing and new materials create a lighter shaft with more strength per gram.

  • -162 grams
  • -Most recommended for ages 17+
  • -Goalie


  • -Metal 2 162 Shaft
  • -Butt End
  • -End Cap
  • -Lacrosse Tape
  • -Head Screw

Next-generation alloy.

We traveled to 8 countries and found an alloy lighter and stronger than whats used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

Preference is everything.

Metal 2 Goalie shafts are available in two weights to offer a perfect option for every playing style, so you can select the combination of speed and strength needed to optimize your game.

6-month warranty.



We extended our quick and easy warranty to 6 months because we believe in the durability of our Metal 2 shafts.

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