In today's competitive lacrosse world, nothing is more important than having the right custom lacrosse tents. Players want to be in the best possible situation to play their favorite game, which means protecting themselves from the elements that will come with the territory.

That said, getting the perfect outdoor space for your team to practice and play can sometimes be a challenge. You need something that will keep you and your teammates comfortable while also helping you host party games and training sessions.

Here are some things to consider when buying a custom lacrosse tent:

Fabric Quality 

The main fabric choices for custom lacrosse tents are polyester and canvas. Both of these fabrics have advantages and disadvantages, but polyester is much more popular due to its price point and durability. If you choose a polyester fabric, make sure it will last. Don't worry too much about what ounce your fabric is or how light- or heavy-duty it is; instead, focus on avoiding low-quality fabrics that don't work well with lacrosse fields or sports in general. Your best bet is to ask other users if they've had success with your tent design using a specific type of material so you know whether or not you'll like it yourself before you commit to anything.


Many lacrosse players are still growing and will continue to do so for some time. It's important that your tent is big enough to accommodate your growth spurt but small enough to still provide a sense of privacy and stability. Most tents have an approximate height listed on their product page; make sure you measure your height or ask for more information before making a purchase. If you're playing competitively, try to purchase a tent that can hold up under your current size but is also expandable for when you're taller.


A lacrosse tent is a staple for every field. A frame made from steel is strong and sturdy; however, it can be more costly than PVC piping. Aluminum also works well, but it is prone to rusting. PVC piping won't rust or rot away, but it doesn't provide as much support. If you're on a budget, stick with PVC pipe. Alternatively, use steel pipes on each side of your tent while using PVC piping to connect them together at top and bottom. This type of construction will ensure that your tent lasts for years to come. And if cost isn't an issue? Go all out with steel—it will last a lifetime and be worth every penny!


A hexagonal shape is aesthetically pleasing, doesn't obscure too much of your custom lacrosse tents, and provides a decent amount of space for each guest to fit comfortably. The six-sided shape also allows a little more room than circular shapes, but not so much that you lose control over crowd flow. Its hexagonal nature also means that your canvas tent is better suited for windy conditions. Compared to other shapes, hexagonal tents don't blow away as quickly in stiff winds and provide better stability when facing heavy rain.

Locking System

There are many choices regarding a locking system on your custom lacrosse tents. Hinges, zippers, Velcro, and buckles have pros and cons. When choosing a style of locking system for your custom lacrosse tents, consider how easy you want it to be to get in and out of your tent during a break between games or if you want some privacy. If you're sharing with teammates or friends, don't get too tricky because you may lose them as fast as they came into your life!


Many people purchase custom lacrosse tents to ensure they can quickly move them from place to place. This means you need a design that breaks down well and comes in pieces that are easy to carry around. A well-made lacrosse tent will include wheels, handle bars, and lightweight metal tubes that allow you to set up quickly in a variety of locations. The ideal lacrosse tent should also be built with crossbars that lock together into one solid unit as soon as it is assembled. This allows for easy transportation and simple storage when not in use.