World Lacrosse recently completed its General Assembly. Among the significant news items to come out of the meeting:

  • A new structure has been approved for the men’s and women’s world championship, increasing the maximum number of competing nations from 30 to 40. Of note, the field will now be able to be divided into two divisions. The new format will begin in 2026.
  • For upcoming championships, senior men’s and women’s events in field, box and Sixes will be prioritized and the calendar will be reset in consideration of timing of the Olympic Games and The World Games. The inaugural women’s box world championship will take place in conjunction with the men’s event in 2024.
  • Teams will need to qualify for world championships via continental federation championships – for the United States this will be the Pan-American Lacrosse Association (PALA) championships.
  • Sabah S. Cambrelen was elected as the first diversity & inclusion director on the World Lacrosse board. She was elected to a four-year term and will chair the organization’s Diversity & Opportunity Commission.

To read the full release wrapping up the General Assembly, please visit the World Lacrosse website.

Original Article Link: https://www.usalaxmagazine.com/usa-insider/international/world-lacrosse-announces-world-championship-structure-changes?