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mark 2f

Newest Addition to the Faceoff ‘X’

The Mark 2F is built to dominate face-offs. It features a redesigned shape, stiff scoop, and new material that all work together to control the face-off X.

  • - 124 grams
  • - Recommended for face-offs
  • - Universal specWhy StringKing Mark 2F?

Better materials.
A new hybrid plastic gives the Mark 2F the perfect balance of flex and stiffness. It flexes when you need to grip the ball but holds its shape enough for consistent performance.

Ground ball dominance.
Controlling the ball means nothing if you don't control possession. The angled scoop of the Mark 2F makes it a ground ball vacuum so you can attack a loose ball from any angle.

More control.
The Mark 2F was designed from top to bottom to dominate face-offs, from the shortened throat to give you more control, to the higher flare and straighter sidewall to help you grip the ball.

6 month warranty.
StringKings fast and easy to use warranty system covers all Mark 2 heads for 6 months against all major warping, bends, breaks, defects and more.

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