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Off Season Work

Off Season Work

The off season is the time to refine and learn new skills. Here are some of the best ways to sharpen your skills for the field.

There is nothing more effective to make you a better player than hitting the wall. Work on both hands!!! Do not be afraid to mess up or miss a pass. Take your time and try not to get frustrated while developing new skills.

Mix it up. Running is great but not everything in lacrosse. Grab a speed ladder or if you don't have one draw one out of calk on the pavement. Try different patterns when using the ladder. Its a very versatile tool so get creative. Another great simple and easy workout to learn is jumping rope. Jumping rope will increase your coordination and your cardio.

Focus on hitting a specific target. Repeatedly shoot for an area while stationary until you get it. Then do it while moving or on the run. After that while someone is feeding you the ball. This simple progression will help your shot tremendously. Once you master one area of the goal move to the next. Shooting in the game of lacrosse is all about angles so there is always a place on the field to work on your shot.

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