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le moon bear

Throne Fiber 2 LE Moon Bear

LE Moon Bear Mesh is the second team-issued FIBER 2 System and a select amount will be available to the public. Its green and yellow colorway is inspired by the newest team to enter the annual legendary international Ales Hrebesky Memorial Box Tournament in Radotin, Czech Republic which begins April 24, 2019. The Moon Bears are a group of lacrosse-loving players representing USA, Canada, Iroquois, Australia and Czech nations that believe in growing the spirit of the game. Shop Moon Bear Strings and Mesh


The green of the mesh represents the field; this rectangular section of grass is sacred to lacrosse players. There is nothing like the feeling of hitting the field with a stick in your hands. The yellow represents the sun which reminders us that every day is a beautiful day for lacrosse.

The Moon Bears’ mission is to honor the players, coaches, and parents who have influenced them by sharing the fastest game on two feet with the next generation of lacrosse enthusiasts. This will be done by attending tournaments, hosting clinics, and mentoring young players.

Throne Lacrosse strongly believes this is how our game will reach the masses and is dedicated to this effort. Throne founder Joe will be playing for the Moon Bears and, for each LE Moon Bear Fiber 2 System purchased, he will donate a matching system to a player in a developing lacrosse country!

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FIBER 2 System improves on the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction for more speed, strength, and agility backed by the best warranty. Designed and built in USA.

FIBER 2 utilizes new ultralight material striking a supreme balance between durability and weight.

Duo fiber construction AMP CHANNEL flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess whip.

HEX DIAMOND II symmetrical structure hugs the ball for unmatched feel and control.

PROOF 6 Month Guarantee
Element phobic material grants ultimate performance in all climates and conditions.

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