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War at The Shore 2016 | Team LBS

War at the shore

This past weekend Team LBS took on the War at The Shore. They were outfitted in Predator Sports uniforms and custom Stallion 550 helmets by Schutt Sports / STX Lacrosse.



War at The Shore is a men's tournament that takes place in Brick, New Jersey every summer. It is broken down by 2 conferences; an A and B. There are  12 teams in the A conference with two divisions and 76 in the B conference. Within the B conference it is then broken down into 13 smaller divisions. If I did my math correctly that would be 88 teams participating in this years W.A.T.S. That is a lot of teams! Running 16 fields all day long there is no shortage of great lacrosse.

With the majority of the players being current and recent post collegiate the competition is bar none. Held at a high regard W.A.T.S has been labeled as one of the best and most competitive tourneys to play in along the shore. Teams travel from all over the east coast and some from across the country to compete for the bragging rights to be called War at The Shore Champions.


More Photos of team LBS - Click Here

Huge thank you to Rosemary, mother of a player, for taking pictures as well. Find more of her photos of team LBS here:

Photos by: LacrosseBallStore Media & Rosemary

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