Lacrosse shorts are an essential piece of gear for players on the field. They provide support and protection and keep you cool and comfortable. In this article, we'll cover four key factors to consider when purchasing lacrosse shorts and how they are different:


The first thing to consider is the length of the shorts. The ideal lacrosse player will have a pair of long shorts to cover their knees. Shorts should not be so long that they get in the way of playing and should still provide adequate protection for your knees; this means that you need them to be just long enough for you to feel comfortable, yet short enough so as not to expose your leg beyond what feels appropriate for you.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can't see your knee cap when wearing it and standing up straight, they're too long (and vice versa).

Type Of Fabric

The type of fabric used is another factor to consider when choosing lacrosse shorts. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes well and can absorb sweat, making it a good choice for hot weather conditions. Synthetic fabrics are made from plastic or petroleum-based polymers, which dry out quickly and keep you warm in cold weather conditions.

Because there are many different types of synthetic fabrics on the market today—from nylon to polyester—the term "synthetic" is not always a guarantee that your shorts will be more breathable than cotton. In fact, some synthetic fabrics are more breathable than others; those with spandex typically have higher moisture-wicking properties than those without spandex (but still less than natural fibers).

When shopping for lacrosse shorts, look at the care label on the tag inside your garment to get an idea of what kind of fabric was used in its construction: If it says "machine wash cold," then this indicates that it's most likely made from a synthetic fabric; if it says "wash warm," then this indicates that it could either be made from cotton or another natural fiber like bamboo or wool.


When it comes to comfort, there are several factors that will determine whether or not you'll be able to play a great game of lacrosse. For one thing, your shorts should fit well and not restrict movement. The materials and design will also go a long way in making them comfortable enough for play.

Finally, the waistband should fit snugly around your waist without being tight or binding in any way. This gives you ample support during active activities like running and jumping while remaining loose enough so as not to chafe or inhibit movement in any way. In addition to these considerations for fit, look for shorts with adjustable straps at the top that can be tightened according to how much support they provide when worn on top of another pair of pants (most players who wear liner tights underneath their shorts usually opt out of this feature).

Price And Quality 

As a general rule, the price reflects the quality. This means that if you pay more, you're likely to get a higher-quality product than if you buy something at a lower price point. However, when it comes to lacrosse shorts, your budget should not be the only consideration when deciding which ones to purchase.

Your choice of lacrosse shorts should be based on more than just how much they cost—the materials used in their construction are also important for determining how long your shorts will last and what type of protection they provide during play. The type of workmanship involved in creating them is another important factor; many brands pride themselves on producing goods with excellent craftsmanship that lasts for years without falling apart or wearing out quickly.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—you should look at how well respected the brand is by other players who wear similar gear; this will help ensure that your expectations match reality when purchasing equipment based on brand reputation alone.