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Team MS11 Lacrosse

Team MS11 Lacrosse

The TEAM MS11 Lacrosse Team Store is CLOSED

Please select the items and sizes that you need. Your number will be assigned by the team administrator once all orders have been received. Please remember to select the age group that you will be participating in. Please be aware that garments won't be produced until the team store closes. Some items may require minimums, and if minimums are not met you will be refunded once the store is closed. Please allow 3-4 weeks to produce all screen printed and embroidered items once the store closes. Please be aware all images are digital renderings meant to represent the garments being produced. Some sizes, colors and locations of artwork may vary. Garment color may vary slightly different from digital mocks. Orders will be shipped to team administrator. Uniforms take 6-8 weeks to ship once the store has closed. 


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