Champion Sports Speed Agility Kit

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Speed and agility kit
The convenient Champion Sports speed and agility kits comes with eight different types of exercise equipment to meet all training needs and a variety of drills. Agility ladders help to improve lateral agility, foot speed, and coordination. Hurdles increase knee lift height, foot speed, and coordination. Speed chute helps athletes maximize top running speed. Speed resistor and speed harness require a training partner to apply resistance, helping to improve speed, acceleration, and explosiveness. Reaction ball randomly bounces off of any hard surface it touches, improving reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. Evasion belt develops short-space explosive speed, agility and react. Field cones can be used for a variety of drills. Improve you and your team's speed, acceleration, explosiveness, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and more with the Champion Sports Speed Agility Kit!
  • 2 Agility ladders (5-meters long)
  • 6 Hurdles in three sizes (two 6", two 9" and two 12")
  • Speed Chute
  • Speed Resistor
  • Speed Harness
  • Reaction Ball
  • Evasion Belt
  • 10 SCX Field Cones

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