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Custom Sublimated Full-Button Baseball Jersey

Original price $59.99 - Original price $59.99
Original price
$59.99 - $59.99
Current price $59.99

*How to Kick-start the Order Process FAST -

Email us at with a brief description of your uniform goals (Uniform Style, Team Name, Team Color, Special Design Needs, Logo File, Number of Players, Date of Your First Game, Any Questions You May Have) and we will get back to you within hours. 

Custom Sublimated Full-Button Baseball Jersey

  • All Over Fabric Full Dye-Sublimation
  • Work with one of our Experienced Graphic Designers
  • Unlimited Colors and Design Options
  • FREE Artwork Design (Includes 1 Free Revision, and $50 for every revision after)
  • Includes Names(Optional) and Numbers(Optional)
  • 12 Piece Minimum Order/ No Minimums on Re-Orders 
  • Lightweight, Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, Stain-Resistant, Performance Polyester
  • Available in Sizes: YXS-YXL, AXS-A6XL, LXS-L3XL 
  • Guaranteed shipment in 4-8 weeks.

Acceptable Files for Artwork Upload: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png

Acceptable Files for Name(s) and/or Number(s) Upload: .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .numbers, .pdf, .jpg, .png (Include Coordinating Size to go with the name(s) and/or number(s) to be printed)

If you don't have artwork but would like a logo created, send over images or design notes to with your name, phone number and order number. If you'd prefer to e-mail us your name(s) and/or number(s) list make sure you provide the coordinating size to go with the name(s) and/or number(s) to be printed.

Call 732-431-2255 or E-mail and get started on your custom gear today!

*Images are digital representations. Colors may slightly vary based on color correction and screen resolutions.



Shipment Guarantee:

Your order will be shipped to you in 4-8 weeks from the time you place your order or the following refund schedule will apply to your order.

  • 1-2Weeks Late, 10% OFF
  • 3-4 Weeks Late, 25% OFF
  • 5-7 Weeks Late, 50% OFF
  • 8 or More Weeks Late, FREE

A Uniform order is considered placed when all of the following items have been completed.

  • You have paid a deposit equal to 50% or more of the order.
  • Artwork has been created and approved by you.
  • You have submitted a complete list of uniform sizes and applicable names/numbers list.
  • Your Production Approval form has been signed off on. 
  • If you make any changes to artwork, or the order in any way, a new production date starts from that time.