ECD Lacrosse Weapon X Elite Pocket Prestrung White

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What’s better than a dominant FOGO? How about a player that can win the draw, get the GB, and be a threat on offense? The Weapon X faceoff head featuring our FlexForm material was designed from the ground up with all-time faceoff legend, Greg “Beast” Gurenlian, to allow you to do it all.

From the tougher plastic, to the asymmetrical strut design and optimized flex points, the Weapon X was engineered to wrap perfectly around the ball. It features a short throat allowing your hands to be closer to the ball for more leverage, power, and control as well as a smooth, round scoop to make ground-balls in traffic a breeze.

FlexForm Material

Basically a super material that keeps its shape.

Precise Flex Points

You have never felt a head wrap around a ball like this.

Shorter Throat

More leverage means more wins.

Perfect Scoop

Gone are the days of missing gound-balls.

Constant Threat



Faceoff, Stay On. Win the draw and be a threat.

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