Heavy-Duty 65 lb. Dry Line Marker for Sports Field Marking

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This 65 lb. Steel Dry Line Marker is a durable, professional-grade field marking equipment, essential for groundskeepers tasked with the preparation of football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse fields. Its robust all-steel construction and hard rubber wheels enable smooth maneuverability, while the adjustable spray line width of 2-4 inches offers flexibility for marking diverse lines such as goal lines, boundary lines, and yardage markers.

With a substantial 65 lb. capacity, this marker can hold enough material for multiple lines, significantly enhancing field preparation efficiency. It also features a secure grip push handle for easy handling and precise control. Despite its large capacity and non-foldable design, its rolling structure allows for easy movement across different sports fields, leaving behind dry, clear lines. Please note, this product does not include a spray or a windscreen.

Color: Blue, Silver, White, Black

Material: Rubber, Steel

Maximum Spray Line Width: 4 in.

Minimum Spray Line Width: 2 in.

Foldable Design: No

Spray Included: No

Wind Screen: No

Weight Capacity: 65 lb.


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