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Hog Wash 1 oz Sample size

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by HogWash
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1oz Hog Wash
Finally, a safe way to rid yourself of all the foul smells and odors in your life. Originally this product was designed to rid the smells and odors associated with Hog Farms in the Midwest and the airborne odors carried to neighbors fields and housing developments.

No more do you just have to tolerate odors and smells from other people (friends, family, or foe), cigarettes, cigars, vehicle emissions, skunk smell late at night on the highway, pollutants from household or commercial cleaning chemicals, solvent smells when you are getting your nails or hair done, gasoline smells in your car when filling up or on your hands, pet odors or stinky gym bags your kids forgot to empty out, or your kids' dorm rooms (because we remember how often we washed clothes in college), or any other smell / odor that might affect you.

Simply saturate the odor area with a fine mist spray of Organic Hogwash. That's it, really!
The odor will be gone! No more masking odors with a fragrance. Since odors are everywhere
now you can take back control of those odors in your life that you have been tolerating, and
live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle

Technically speaking, Organic Hogwash is referred to as an odor neutralizer by the emerging odor control industry, NOT a masking agent or perfume. Organic Hogwash is a proprietary formulation whose major ingredient belongs to a unique class of cationic surfactants. In addition to enhancing the solubility of specific amines such as ammonia, and sulfur containing compounds like hydrogen sulfide in the aqueous spray, Organic Hogwash acts as a buffer reacting with these gasses, resulting in the formulation of weak non volatile organic salts. Other organic compounds formed during the buffering process are subject to oxidation or reductions while in solution.
So what does all this mean? Organic Hogwash stops all odors on contact easily, quickly and safely. The science inside makes it biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non toxic, non staining on fabrics, earth friendly, fast, and safe for people and pets alike. This is NOT an odor masking fragrance that replaces the odor with a smell.