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Jaypro NETX1 Seamless One Piece 6x6x7 Replacement Net

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NETX1 Seamless One Piece Lacrosse Net .The NETX1 lacrosse nets are the most robust and long-lasting lacrosse nets money can buy. The one-piece design eliminates the most common points of failure on traditional lacrosse nets: the diagonal seams, while providing a modern aesthetic that truly sets it apart. The UV/weather stabilized double-needle nylon twine has a true 7mm thickness (measured across the depth and width of the twine), with a minimum breaking strength of 770 lbs. The combination of the high strength twine and lack of diagonal seams means the net mesh will outlast every other net on the market, which means you will spend less time repairing your nets throughout the season and spare your fingers the agony of replacing your nets every few months. The included “body fit” ropes allow you to adjust the fit of the net body on your goals for a custom look while maintaining the slack in the net so that balls remain inside the goal without trampolining back out.

  • Fits 6x6x7 Goal Frame
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS regulations
  • One-piece design eliminates the diagonal seams, the most common points of failure on lax nets
  • Weather-stabilized 7mm x 1.5 inch square knotless nylon with a breaking strength of 770 lbs
  • 7mm double-needle twine actually measures 7mm across depth and width of twine included body fit ropes allow for adjustment of the fit of the net body without affecting net tension