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Sharp Stripe Big Wheel All Terrain Athletic Field Machine

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Field Marking Paint Machine
AT = All Terrain. Fitted with special wheels that absorb shocks on a bumpy, uneven athletic fields and extra axle ball bearing that make it roll smoother and more straight for easy line striping. All metal construction, sturdy, durable, easy to set-up, easy to clean-up and store. SSAT aerosol paint striping line marking machine is ideal for painting, striping, line marking of football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey athletic fields. It's handle is fold-able for easy shipping and easy storage. It ships in a compact cardboard box, just unpack, unfold the spray handle and firm it up by tightening the installed wing nuts. To use, shake the aerosol can thoroughly as per label instructions and install the paint can in the horse-shoe type can holder on the SSAT machine. Adjust the tension on the cable, if needed, by using an adjustable screw underneath the handle trigger. Line spray width can also be adjusted by lowering or raising the two wing nuts attached to the side of the can holder. For sharp looking lines make sure the inverted aerosol can spray pattern is not obstructed by any part of the machine. To clean up any over-spray, let it dry and then easily scrape it off, then store machine.

• Fitted with extra large diameter wheels with axle ball bearings for smoother roll and straighter lines.

• All metal construction, durable, sturdy, stable, easy to roll to help spray straight lines.

• Designed to spray 1 can 90 degrees down and store 12 cans.

• 10inch wheels makes it roll easy on Athletic Fields where grass can get tall.

• Because of large diameter wheels SSAT is taller, it will not get caught in the blades of grass.

• Protective skirt to prevent disturbance to the aerosol can spray pattern.

• Adjustable tension to the spray cable to accommodate cans and tips of different types.

• Ideal to spray lines on Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse and Field Hockey Athletic Fields.