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StringKing Men's Composite 2 Pro - ATTACK Lacrosse Shaft

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$129.99 - $159.99
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color: White

Light. Stiff. Strong.
Composite 2 Pro sets the standard. We reworked our carbon fiber shafts by identifying areas that needed extra strength, and then reinforcing them using a smarter design and new, cutting-edge manufacturing. The result is a light, stiff, and now even stronger lacrosse shaft built to perform.
Smart Taper technology.
StringKing's Smart Taper technology moves material from low-impact areas to the places where shafts actually tend to break. So you get a stronger shaft at the same weight.
Cutting-edge manufacturing.
A new, automated layering process makes Composite 2 Pro the highest quality, most consistent carbon fiber shafts that StringKing has ever made.
Enhanced performance.
Years of research, design, testing, and development went into making Composite 2 Pro better than ever. No gimmicks, no flashy design, no silly name. Just the best carbon fiber shafts in the game.
Consistent construction.
Composite 2 Pro shafts deliver consistent performance with an ultra-stiff construction that eliminates unpredictable flex in your shaft.
Versatile options.
Choose from a variety of lightweight and durable options to find the Composite 2 Pro shaft that’s perfect for you.

Weight 135 grams

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