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3 Ways to Make Your Goal Last

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  1. Protect against mother nature.

If you live in an area that gets snow or a lot of rain, the best recommendation is to cover your goal with a tarp or store in doors when the goal is not in use. Doing this will keep the net from becoming water-logged and prevent deterioration. It will also help to keep water out of the pipes which could cause rust and cracks to form.

  1. No hanging out.

This is a pretty obvious one but it happens fairly often. A lot of young players like to hang or do pull up on the crossbar. Hanging on the goal will weaken welds and the structural integrity of the frame causing them to bend or break at the seams.

  1. Lace it to Last.

When assembling your goal do not skip stringing the net as tight as possible to the frame. Take the time to put the net on correctly, even if you have to go through every hole. This will take away any slack or bagging in the net which will reduce the chance of the net ripping prematurely.

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