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A Guide To Ordering Custom Uniforms For Your Lacrosse Team

Your sports team’s uniforms are an important part of your team’s identity, which is why it’s important to put a great deal of thought into this process. The uniform is something that’ll stick with your team no matter the weather, the time of training or the terrain. It is the first thing that someone will see when they watch your team battle it out against another team. This is why it’s critical to choose the right material, color and fit. Getting uniforms off the shelf does not give you the flexibility that making custom lacrosse uniforms does, which is why most teams choose to customize their clothes. However, with customization comes more attention required for the details, which is why this guide to ordering custom uniforms for your lacrosse team can be helpful if you’re at a loss. 

Consider Material 

There are so many materials out in the world – jersey style, pro-mesh, polyester, cotton, silk and many more. The material can greatly affect the way your uniforms look but more importantly, how you perform during sports matches and training. Consider what weather and terrain you will be training in, whether you need a tighter or looser uniform and whether having a stain-resistant material is important for you. 

Ensure Personalization is Available

Personalization may not seem like the most important thing, but it is something that the individuals customizing your uniform should be able to provide. This is because personalized uniforms can allow each team member to feel like they are special and unique, and value-add something different to the team. Having each member’s name and number at the back of their uniforms distinguishes them from each other. 

Look at Color Options

Certain uniform suppliers are not able to offer an extensive range of colors which should affect your decision. If you have a mascot or an established team color, it’s important that your uniform can reflect this color as well. This creates a more standardized look and allows the public to identify certain colors as being synonymous wit h your team. Try to not opt for colors or shades that are already taken by other teams so that you can stand out on the field!

Logo Design

Another important part of your team identity would be your logos. Knowing where exactly you want to place your logo and the size of the logo is important. An embroidered logo tends to look nicer than a screen-printed logo, so if you like the look of that, communicate that to the company handling the custom uniforms. Be open to suggestions from them, too! Sometimes, they might suggest decreasing the size of logos so that it looks more appealing and this advice comes with years of experience, so give their words some weight!

Why Lacrosse Ball Store? 

If you’re looking for a company for your custom uniforms, why not opt for us? We offer affordable options and countless options for customization, so you can be sure that we will have what you’re looking for! Contact us today for more information.
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