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How To Prevent Cracking And Fading In Screen Print Jerseys

You have been waiting for months for the new sports jersey and you go into the shop the very day of the release. You were the sports jersey everywhere- to run errands, to sleep, to exercise. To your dismay, the paint on the jersey begins curling and cracking and you wait until the next new jersey. However, this cycle repeats, again and again. Any sportsman would find the previously mentioned scenario relatable. If you’re someone who wants to break this cycle, then this article is for you. Here are our best tips to prevent crack and fade in screen print jerseys

Turn the Jersey Inside out Before Washing

Before you throw your jersey in the washing hamper, ensure that it's on the right side. Also, wash the jersey in cold water. 

Don’t Put It in the Dryer 

Even if you need your jersey dried quickly, do not use the dryer. Try to plan ahead and use a hanger to air dry your shirt because the dryer can expedite the rate of cracking in your screen print jerseys.

Fix Damages When You Spot Them 

As soon as you see cracks start to emerge, act on them. A lot of times, owners of screen print jerseys let the damages accumulate which results in irreversible damage occurring. To fix the cracks in your screen print jersey, make sure your jersey is clean first and foremost. Then, lay your jersey out flat on an iron board with the iron set on a high temperature. Ensure that there is no steam emerging! After that, take a piece of paper and lay it on the area with the cracks, placing only the tip of the iron on the letter. Make sure that the placement of the number or letter with crack is accurate. You should also only use a small part of the iron instead of placing the whole iron on the jersey and be slow about the process so that the jersey does not get damaged. 

Buying Better Quality Jerseys 

Unfortunately, despite your best attempts, nothing can truly fix the cracks that have been made. This is especially so if the cracks are very deep and have been getting worse over the years. What you can do, however, is purchase another shirt and take note of the above-mentioned tricks so that you can preserve your jersey. Additionally, when making purchases next time, be sure that you’re buying jerseys of higher quality. 

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