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Should You Wear A Skirt When Playing Girls Lacrosse?

Although lacrosse is not as well-known, it can be fun to watch a lacrosse match. While watching lacrosse matches, you're probably wondering why a lot of female players wear skirts?  

The simple answer to this is tradition. Since the start of the sport, women have been wearing skirts or skorts. This happened until 2008 when female players started to wear shorts instead. Wearing a skirt is not required but it depends on the individual team uniform. In some cases, teams will need players to wear a skirt or skorts. Playing this sport while wearing a skirt may appear to be more difficult, but it is helpful to learn more about the tradition’s history. Read on to learn more about if you should wear a girl's lacrosse skirt when lacrosse!

Changing Styles 

The style of lacrosse fashion has changed over the years. For those who feel like wearing a skirt might interfere with their playing ability, they will be glad to know that they can wear shorts now. It is better in terms of practicality while playing the sport too. Most teams would have made the change but they tend to order their uniform periodically. Changing to shorts can come at a financial cost. Sporting uniforms can be expensive, especially when getting outfits for the whole team of players. Since the coach may want to have a standard uniform for the team, having all the players change their uniforms to shorts can lead to a huge expense for the team. Another factor that influences their choice is tradition. Some players prefer to continue with the previous tradition of wearing a skirt while playing lacrosse. 

Should You Wear a Skirt for Girls Lacrosse

Skirts today may end up causing more problems for female athletes. This is the reason why many teams are making the change and switching to wearing skorts or shorts. Skorts are skirts with shorts attached underneath them. They appear like a skirt but function the same way as shorts. Lacrosse is a physical game and a contact sport. Players who are concerned about problems on the field will find that this allows them to play better. While many teams still wear skirts, this tradition will likely change in the years ahead. Teams are changing to wearing shorts for good reason. Players now can change their uniforms more easily than the previous generations. So, female lacrosse players will be able to change their uniforms to wear shorts if they want to. 

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