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Four Types Of Custom Tents For Your Lacrosse Team

Four Types Of Custom Tents For Your Lacrosse Team

A big part of sports is team pride. Having team pride shows that you are united and more importantly, being united helps your team perform better on the field. Aside from the common signs of team pride, such as your lacrosse uniform, your mascot and your specially made merchandise, there is something else that can display this team pride – custom tents. Custom tents are spaces where you can display your team logo, loud and proud, for the entire world to see! They also have a functional purpose, such as being a place where your team can hang out, sell merchandise, have pep talks and this can even serve as a shelter during unpleasant weather. If this sounds appealing to you, read on to find out about the different types of custom lacrosse team tents that you might want. 

Hexagon Leg Frame Custom Tents 

Hexagon leg frames are six-sided frames that have a greater surface area than square leg frames, are more durable than square leg frames and have a higher weight than square leg frames. These types of custom tents are ideal for teams that will be using their custom tents more intensively, for example, if your team is involved in a lot of events every weekend and need to move around very often. 

Square Leg Frame Custom Tents

Square leg frames are four-sided and lighter than hexagon frames. These type of custom tents are more suitable for teams that do not use their tent very often and are only playing games occasionally, perhaps, once a month. These are more cost-effective but also less durable when contrasted against the hexagon leg frame. 

Water Repellent Custom Tents 

Water repellent tents are important because the weather is unpredictable. If you’re having back-to-back games all season, there is a high likelihood that you might face poor weather conditions during one of those games. Even if there’s no heavy downpour, on and off showers might occur which might require you to seek refuge, making a water repellent custom tent perfect for your needs. Most custom tents come with water repellent features, but it’s better to check and be sure. After all, you don’t want your players to get drenched and fall ill! 

Star Shaped Custom Tents

A type of tent that you may never have seen is a star-shaped tent. However, this is one of the most ideal custom tents you can purchase if you are a big team because they have a lot of space to fit many people. They have an additional benefit that conventional tents don’t, which is that they function great under all sorts of weather conditions because the points of the star slope lower than other tents. 

If you’re looking to purchase a custom tent but are unsure which one is suitable for you, contact us today so that we can help you decide! It all comes down to your budget and your needs, so if you’re having trouble deciding, we are experienced in helping you decide which custom tent will serve you best.
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