Lacrosse pinnies are a great way to show off your team, your school, or even your pride. No matter where you play or what team you are associated with, lacrosse pinnies come in many different styles, color schemes, and designs. However, when it comes to customizing lacrosse pinnies with numbers, there are certain things that you need to know. Let’s take a look at how you can customize lacrosse pinnies with numbers so they look just right for the game in which they will be used most often: lacrosse.

From choosing the right type of fabric to finding the best suppliers and more, this guide will help you get started on your custom lacrosse pinnie journey.

What Is A Pinnie?

A pinnie is a fabric vest that teams wear over their regular clothes during lacrosse games. On one side of a pinnie, there is a name and number to identify each player. A uniform pinnie will often feature two or three lines with eight characters per line. This means that you can fit in between 24-36 players’ names and numbers on a single pinnie, depending on how big or small you make your font size. For example, if you choose to go for larger font sizes, then you’ll be able to fit more names and numbers on your pinnie.

Why Customize Lacrosse Pinnies?

Customizing your pinnie is an awesome way to promote yourself and show off your skills. It also helps separate you from other players and makes you stand out on team photos. There are many ways to customize your lacrosse pinnie, but today we’re going to focus on numbers! Adding a number to a lacrosse pinnie can be as simple as using felt tip pens or markers, but there are some additional things that you should consider when customizing your numbers. 

How To Customize Lacrosse Pinnies?

Don’t know where to begin or who to trust? Don’t worry! We have a complete guide that will walk you through everything from start to finish. And no matter your budget, we have some great tips for customizing lacrosse pinnies.

Select Your Reversible Tryout Vest Colors And Number Sequence

Choose your team colors, number sequence and font style to ensure that your reversible tryout vest is exactly what you’re looking for. Avoid lacrosse-specific fonts or use only one or two of them. In order to provide a uniform appearance across all equipment, especially sideline apparel and coaches vests, make sure that each one uses a standard font from our font library. Decide whether you want a fully customizable pinnie or if you want us to do the heavy lifting for you. Although many buy simple reversible tryouts vests with just numbers on them (letting their child select their own unique number), experts highly recommend selecting an option that allows for full customization, so no vest resembles another at any practice or game day event.

Select Your Size (S)

To decide what size numbers you’re going to use, measure from the top of shoulder pads down to the bottom of a lacrosse stick. Now check out the pinnie sizing and get your perfect size!

Consider The Pricing

When ordering custom lacrosse pinnies, you need to consider the pricing of the uniforms you want. Ensure that the manufacturer is supplying excellent service at an affordable price. You will also want to ensure that they have an excellent reputation in making sportswear for many schools or organizations. Also, make sure you have gone through their website and researched the company before placing an order. If possible, have a personal meeting with one of their representatives before going ahead with your decision to place an order from them as well. Make sure that they can meet all your needs as far as customization is concerned when you are doing business with them by visiting their office personally.