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Aim Small, Miss Small – The Box RAT

Aim small miss small is a notorious saying in all of sports. Whether you’re at bat in Baseball or standing at the free throw line in Basketball. Box Lacrosse is no different. The speed, physicality, net size and the enormous goaltenders make it a challenge to get a point on the board.  Which is why the Box R.A.T by Predator Sports is a super effective training tool.


The 4’ x 4’ target has eight designated target zones out lined in white. The 12in x 8in x 8in target zones were developed to mimic the space taken up if a goalie was in net. Arguably you might think these areas are too small. Which is understandable but the motive is to challenge the shooter, giving them the most realistic look into what they will face while in a game. Most importantly the Box RAT will increase their accuracy while developing   comfort and confidence when shooting.

The patented ball return system will optimize the amount of touches a player will get in a single practice. After a shot is made the ball immediately flows through the target and rolls out to the front of the goal. The player will now be able to get twice as many repetitions on the target eliminating the time wasted digging the balls out from the back of the net.

This is an effective piece of training equipment that every player should have at their disposal. The knowledge and skill gained from using the Box R.A.T. could be the difference between loosing or winning a game.

Remember... Aim Small...Miss Small...

Also Available in  6x6 Lacrosse Goals - Original Lax R.A.T.

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