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Combating Early Recruitment

Combating Early Recruitment

Being a High School student athlete in the early 2000's it was extremely rare to hear of a freshmen or sophomore committing to a college at any level. But over the last hand full of years early recruitment has escalated to an all time high.

Youth lacrosse teams have turned into "elite clubs" and tournaments have evolved in to prospect showcase's. Stepping up to combat early recruitment is CEO of US Lacrosse, Steve Stenersen. Stenersen will meet with the NCAA D-1 Council on April 13-14 in Indianapolis to discuss term on player recruitment.Details below.

In your opinion.
What age/year in High School is it appropriate for colleges to start contacting players?
Should early recruitment only be limited to D-1 Schools?
Do you think the terms against early recruitment will be up held?

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March Issue of US Lacrosse Magazine -

July 22, 2016; Sparks Glencoe, MD, USA; US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen poses for portraits at US Lacrosse's new headquarters and Hall of Fame site in Sparks Glencoe, MD. Credit: Brian Instagram - @ebrianschneider Twitter - @brian_schneider Facebook - @ebrianschneider[/caption]

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