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venom womens mesh runner

ECD Lacrosse Venom Womens Runner

The revolutionary Venom Mesh Runner is designed to create game changing moments – the kind of moments that become legend. The tapered mesh design creates a high SweetSpot and a softer pocket that hugs the ball giving you a more responsive feel and insane control you have to feel to believe.

tapered mesh design

SweetSpot  -  The innovative mesh runner creates a natural SweetSpot high in the pocket giving you precise control, insane power, and unheard-of hold.

Lightweight  -  By shaving unnecessary weight from the pocket, the Venom Mesh Runner allows for greater hand speed and faster shots.

Responsive  -  Softer than traditional runners, the Venom Mesh Runner provides a more forgiving pocket for maximum feel and control.

Weatherproof  -  The materials are fully weatherproof allowing your pocket to remain consistent in even the worst conditions.

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