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How Custom Tents Help Your Lacrosse Team Branding

Branding is an important part of 21st-century living. After all, we live in a world where the way we are perceived by others and the image that we set out affects our place in society. The same holds true for a sports team. Aside from excelling on the field, it’s also important to be wary about your branding. Branding is important because it gives your fans something concrete to identify with and support, as well as makes it easier to be recognized amongst your competitors. Aside from conventional forms of branding, such as your team colors or uniform, custom tents are also another way to display your team's pride in an obvious manner. Read on to find out how custom tents can be used for branding and how they can help your lacrosse team be more prominent. 

Tents Can Be Customized 

Tents are a great way to help with branding because they can be customized and after all, the most important part of good branding is the ability of the product to demonstrate the special traits of your own team. Custom tents are extremely versatile and can be customized such that they match your brand. Their size, color and any accessories you might want to embellish on them can all be determined by you. Here are a few tips on how to decide on a custom tent that’s best for you

  • Size: Based on how large your team is, you can get a custom tent that is large enough. If a 10’ x 10’ tent is not large enough, you can always go bigger! This ensures that you’ll always have enough space for all your needs
  • Color: White tents are mundane and boring. Stand out by incorporating your team colors and if you don’t have a big, team sign, you can let your tent be the one speaking for your team’s brand! 
  • Accessories: You can also customize the flooring or the presence of sidewalls for your tent, based on your needs. It is always better to have the option to choose these accessories instead of not having the option and actually needing this. 

      Tents Can Make You Seem More Credible 

      Tents also make your team seem more legitimate and credible. It shows that you are serious enough about your team to invest in this big item and makes you seem more reputable. It can also attract more individuals for merchandise sales and therefore boost the overall earnings that your team rakes in. 

      Tents Can Help You Get Noticed 

      During sports events, the first thing you would notice is how incredibly crowded they are. This crowd may be annoying but for you, this crowd is a good sign. It means that there are more people around that can potentially spot your tent and recognize your lacrosse team. However, it’s important to really stand out. There might be other teams with white-topped fabric tents but with your custom tents, displaying your team logo and color, you will stand out from the rest. Your tent will give you free exposure, especially if these are events that are covered by the media!

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