Uniforms can complete the team, giving you an instantly recognizable look when you are playing. New uniforms are a wonderful way to get your players excited about the game. However, designing them from scratch may feel like a difficult task. There are some recent trends in sports team uniforms that can help you get some inspiration for your own team uniform. Read on to learn more about the sports team uniform trends to follow when you are customizing your lacrosse team apparel!

Incorporate Bright Colors in Your Design 

If you want the lacrosse uniforms to stand out on the field, be sure to include bright and vibrant colors in the design. People are less likely to notice uniforms that have muted and boring colors. The primary color of your team has to be matching the team and its logo. When you choose bright and exciting colors for the team, you create an identity for the team as well. Adding your team’s logo to the uniform is a great touch at the end. Logos make sure that those watching you know who you are. No one will have to guess who your team is, you can simply see it from the uniform. 

Comfortable Uniform Materials 

Looking good is definitely important but you also have to make sure that the uniforms are comfortable and fit you well. Your players need to have a full range of motion during the game. This is done by using the best and most comfortable materials for the uniforms. No matter how good the uniform looks, if your team is not able to play properly in them then it is not a good design. Some materials may be more suitable for different sports, make sure to choose one that is right for you. A great fitting uniform is an effective way to build a great team. 

Using Both a Home And an Away Uniform Design 

Lastly, some teams only have one set of uniforms that they wear to every single game. This works but it can be difficult when the opposing team wears a uniform of the same color. One way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to have at least two different uniforms to wear. You can design a home uniform and an away uniform for your team. Another method to work around this is to purchase reversible uniforms. This might be easier as your players will only need one set of uniforms instead of two. They just have to flip the colors around when needed. 

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