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mini lacrosse

Keeping Busy Works

COVID19 has got everyone on lock down and some are taking advantage of the time. Some are putting together the 5,197 piece LEGO MILLENNIUM FALCON set. Others have taken up crochet and a select few are shaping historically accurate mini lacrosse sticks like Jakob Works of Lacrosse_Works on instagram.



So far he has posted eight hand crafted pieces made from scrap pieces of wood and even an old sate board. Each stick pertaining to a certain point in the history of lacrosse or the region where the game was played. His newest certain was a 30 inch "Full Bend" mini stick that is fully functional and could be used for a basic throw around.

It is amazing to me with a little bit of time and a dash of creativity you can too produce such pieces of art. Check out a few more of his pieces here.

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