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Mark 1 Pre-Strung Heads

Mark 1 Pre-Strung Heads

Now offering pre-strung StringKing Mark 1 heads on your site. The Mark 1 head comes in your choice of black or white. We have strung the top mesh suppliers mesh into these heads giving you a choice to pick a head that best suits your play style. Strung in these heads are  East Coast Dyes, Throne, Mogul and of course StringKing mesh.

Strung Head 1 Strung Head 2 Strung Head 3 Strung Head 4 Strung Head 5

Our team of stringers have developed a pattern that optimizes the features the Mark 1. The ball placement it toward the mid to mid-low point in the head. It will give the player enough hold to cradle and dodge through traffic as well as being able to throw and shoot accurately.

Every head has it own unique color scheme that will not be doubled or duplicated. You are getting a one of a kind head.

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