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Multi Color Mesh Is Alive & Well

Multi Color Mesh Is Alive & Well

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For as long as I can remember multi colored mesh had been outlawed in NFHS and NCAA play. Not knowing the specifics on when or how this rule was implemented I started to look around for an answer. Doing my best to find the start of multi colored mesh, with the power  Google. I came across an article on, "The History of multicolored Mesh". According to Blue Collar Lacrosse, they had made Throughout that summer and fall they went on to make different designs and patterns starting the multicolored mesh craze in lacrosse.

Somewhere in that time, someone made a piece of mesh that made it look like a lacrosse ball was in their crosse. This cheeky but effective modification was enough to deceive defenses, officials and spectators watching. Thus the implementation of banning all multi color mesh. I could not find a year it was outlawed but, I am assuming once an official saw a piece being used it was reported and later deemed illegal for in NFHS / NCAA play. So I'll say 2008-9ish given the time Blue Collar put out their first piece of multi mesh.

Regardless! Mesh companies like East Coast Dyes, Throne Lacrosse, Mogul Mesh and many other manufactures kept producing multi colored designs because it is not illegal in pro or youth lacrosse. And lets face it, it just looks cool. These companies not only make cool looking mesh but invested time and money into the materials and quality of  the mesh to give the user the best experience possible.

Net Pattern Ball Catcher Green Ball Catcher Blue Ball Catcher Black Ball Catcher Net

I believe US Lacrosse over turned the rule because these innovators were producing a product that not only improved the performance of the mesh but gave the player a more enjoyable experience while playing lacrosse.

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