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Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Your Lacrosse Player

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Your Lacrosse Player

Mini Attack

Nature Boy Lacrosse Mini Sticks
At some point every lacrosse player will come across a mini/fiddle stick. But I can bet, you haven't seen a mini stick with an ash wood shaft and a custom pita pocket. You can now because Nature Boy Lacrosse has done it and you can pick from the long list of color combinations. Use it at the beach, in the yard, or take it on the road so you always have a stick in arms reach.  SHOP

Swax Lax Training Ball
This unique ball is becoming a staple with every coach to use as a training tool. The Swax Lax Ball is identical in weight to a regulation lacrosse ball without the hardness and bounce of one. The elimination of the bounce keeps players engaged if the ball falls out of their stick eliminating time it takes to chase them. Swax Lax balls come in a variety of colors and designs that can match anyones personality.  SHOP




A Series Shafts by StringKing
StringKing has always kept in simple when knowing what the player needs to succeed on the field. SKL is now on their 3rd iteration of shafts, refining and improving upon weight to strength ratios and have taken it even further. With age group specific recommendations so you know exactly what to buy for the player in your life. SHOP


ECD Shooting Target

The ECD shooting target is made from a strong, flexible, rubber material that can easily withstand the abuse of your hardest shots, leaving you with nothing but your shot to worry about. So, get out there and shoot. Hard Work Pays Off. SHOP

Shooting Target


Evolution Multi Sport Stick Rack & Organizer
Organize your gamer, back up gamer, your back up to the back up, your rain spoon and your backyard stick all in one place. Get the stick cluster out of the corner of the room and up on the wall for all to admire. Not only is it awesome to look at but its great for your stick. Hanging your sticks up keeps the plastic true form and will help prevent warping. There is also an option for a pair of hooks where you can hang your helmet, gloves, or pads to dry. Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you. SHOP


Alpha Lacrosse
Alpha launched their first head in late 2017, The Beta. Its flat scoop, longer throat and gradual offset make it a terror on the field. The gradual offset makes it easy to string any style of pocket and have great ball control in the Beta. To compliment the Beta head while adding to you game, is their A-Series lacrosse shafts. The A-Series Shafts are available in 30'' attack/midfield, and 60" defense shaft lengths. The subtle abrasive grip allows for  maximum stick control with added flex giving you accurate passing and a quick release. SHOP


Predator Backyard Goal
Designed to withstand the harsh summers and brutal winters of the Atlantic North East. This goal is the gold standard for the backyard. Weighing in at 32 lbs it makes it easy to move around the yard as well as stand up to the countless reps while enjoying this goal by yourself or with friends. Made For World Class Athletes. SHOP



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