Playing with Fire

FireThreads is an innovative lacrosse stringing materials company with a simple mission: To fuel and inspire creative expression on and off the field. Their bread and butter is developing products that give players the hold, feel, control, and responsiveness to free their imagination and increase performance on the field.


What's different?  It's the GripPrint. FireThreads has added targeted grip to every piece of the pocket, including mesh, shooters, sidewall, synthetic leathers, and crosslace.  Every product starts with a search for the best base thread materials on which to add the GripPrint.  Really the base materials can stand on their own merits. But with the addition of GripPrint, something new, different, and exciting happens. Replace some or all of your regular pocket with FireThreads products and see for yourself.  Because you don't know until you know!

Ball Catcher Ball Catcher Net Firethread Ball Catcher

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