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magnetic shooting target

“They’re Magnetic! Boogie Ooogie Ooogie” – Top Shelf Targets

Top Shelf Targets have taken a new approach to the shooting target and came up with one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" products. These patent pending targets use neodymium magnets which are permanently inlayed into the plastic edge. Leaving a very clean and finished look.  They are available in two sizes, Sniper (8 inch) and Super Sniper (6 inch).



Top Shelf Targets are reactive targets. When hit they will detach and fall giving the user instant feed back. After a round of shooting and all targets are down the TST's can be reset in literally seconds while collecting the balls/pucks from the back of the net. One round they could be working on all top right shots and the next be working on top left shots in seconds.  There are no straps, clips, velcro or bungees restricting the shooter from changing a targets placement on the goal at any given moment.





Besides the super strong magnets the other beautiful feature about the TST's is their portability. Both the Sniper and Super Sniper come in a packs of four (4) and will fit in any coaches back pack, gear bag, or ball/puck bag. Making it easy to bring to practice, a friends house or to a pick up game. 




Top Shelf Targets are interactive, reactive, portable and whole lot of fun to use for all ages and skill levels. These are a MUST have training tool.

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