Although lacrosse is usually played during warmer weather conditions, players have to deal with the adverse weather conditions sometimes. Not known by many people, lacrosse can actually be played in the rain and snow. If your practice or game has not been canceled, you need to dress appropriately for the weather. Wearing only a tee shirt and shorts will leave you shivering during the cold weather. You will have to layer up to perform at your best. There are certain clothing accessories that people choose to wear during cold weather conditions. Read on to learn more about what lacrosse apparel to wear when playing in cold weather!

Long-Sleeved Tee Shirt 

The long-sleeved tee shirt can provide an extra layer of warmth for the player. It will pretty much save your game and the season. Just like the short-sleeved tee-shirt, you can choose to wear a shirt with a tight-fitting material to reduce any friction. 


If the long-sleeved shirt is not enough to keep you warm, then you can choose to wear a sweatshirt beneath all the padding and protective gear. Buckling protective lacrosse padding over the sweatshirt is surprisingly easier than you would expect. Only use this during extreme conditions as you generate plenty of body heat from running around and wearing a sweatshirt can cause overheating. 


When players have to play in cold conditions, they usually wear a pair of warm leggings under their gym shorts. This combination of gym shorts and warm leggings allows players to keep their mobility while playing. The leggings are warmer than how it appears to be. 


Players usually reserve wearing sweatpants for extreme weather. They do a great job at keeping in body heat but it comes at the expense of speed. The material is heavy and tends to slow down the players no matter how hard they try. Therefore, only wear sweatpants when it is absolutely necessary. 


As a player, you have to keep your hands warm so you can react fast and make plays with the lacrosse stick. If your hands get too cold to move, it will be difficult for you to play well. That is why you may want to think about wearing thin winter gloves or latex gloves under the protective gloves. 

Wool Socks 

Similar to your hands, your feet can get cold during cold weather as well. Wool socks are the best method to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, you can try wearing multiple socks instead. In really cold conditions, one pair of socks is not enough to keep you warm.

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