Lacrosse is mostly played in relatively warm conditions because it is an outdoor sport. Since the players are already weighed down by the protective gear, they don’t have to wear extra layers of clothing. In fact, wearing many layers of clothing is not advisable as this can lead to heat exhaustion. Players are able to generate enough body warmth by running around the field. So, it is good for players to dress light when playing in the warm weather. Lacrosse players typically wear the following clothes during warm conditions. These suggestions can also work for those who play lacrosse in an indoor facility. Read on to learn more about what lacrosse apparel to wear when playing in warm weather!

Short-Sleeved Tee Shirt 

The short-sleeved tee shirt is a common and popular option for lacrosse players. For the shirt material, players usually go for the breathable fabrics to allow the heat from their body to dissipate and sweat to evaporate. The protective padding that they wear can cause the shirt to rub against the skin, so players would prefer to choose more tight-fitting tee-shirts to minimize any potential friction. 

Gym Shorts 

Gym shorts are another common piece you see lacrosse players wearing. They are not restrictive and allow the players to run freely. Lacrosse players have to run a lot during a single game or practice, so they will need to wear shorts that are conducive for running. The only player who doesn’t wear gym shorts is the goalie. The goalie usually has to wear sweatpants instead in order to reduce the blow of shots. The majority of goalies don’t wear any shin protection. The only real protection they have is the layer of fabric that is provided by their sweatpants!

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are a useful accessory for lacrosse players. They apply pressure to the body where it is most needed. Wearing regular undergarments can lead to chafing, which is something you want to prevent especially since you are running on a regular basis. 


It is necessary for players to wear a protective cup to protect themselves. That is why they will need a jockstrap. Since lacrosse is a contact sport, players have to take precautionary measures to protect the groin area. 

Mid-Calf Socks 

Many lacrosse players prefer to wear mid-calf socks. The mid-calf socks go well with lacrosse cleats because they are able to cover up your heel area. When you wear low-cut socks, your lacrosse cleats might dig into your heel and cause blisters. By wearing mid-calf socks, you can prevent that from happening. 

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